Results Driven

IVOLVE + THRIVE’s owner boards are meticulously designed to provide strategic solutions to these challenges. What makes these boards unique are their three distinctive features:

A Blueprint for Consistent, Predictable Success

Our board member goes through a bi-annual strategy session. Every individual board member goes through a bi-annual strategy session to clarify exactly where they are in their business today. This proprietary process creates a dashboard and snapshot into the most important business metrics to measure an individual business owner’s success. 

This is IT!IT gives you the confidence to know exactly where your business is and where it’s headed, giving you the comfort in seeing the results of your board membership with certainty and peace of mind.

Actual Unbiased Peer Insight

Our board construction is powerful and exclusive. Each individual goes through a proprietary and vetted process to determine if they are a good fit for an existing or launching board. 

This process is defined as the Board Compass and gives owners and the board moderator the confidence to recommend whether IVOLVE + THRIVE is a good fit by measuring a business owner’s current state, the financials of the business and the likelihood that effective collaboration will work with an individual. 

Board members and details are treated with the highest confidentiality and safety protocols.

Expert Insight and Chairs

Our access to experts is second to none. Within IVOLVE + THRIVE you have access to 3 extraordinarily qualified sthat will help you tackle and work through a number of common business challenges. 

Our staff includes a Doctor of Psychology and mindset and behavioral expert, a sales expert with over ½ a billion dollars of closed business  and public speaking expert, and a business financials expert that has partnered in over a dozen ventures from start-up to sale and an Executive education from one of the nation’s very best strategy and leadership schools, The Wharton school of business at University of Pennsylvania.