Owner Advisory Boards

For business owners that seek greater:



Enjoyment in their business

In a world filled with uncertainty and relentless pressure, business owners often find themselves facing the challenges of isolation, overwork, and a lack of awareness.


Many business owners feel isolated and overwhelmed by challenges without having trusted peers to confide in.


Overwork often results from isolation, with stress and fatigue exacerbated by solitary decision-making, lacking diverse perspectives.


Entrepreneurs face the challenge of unknown risks, constantly battling what they don't know, recognizing it as a significant business risk.

That's where IVOLVE + THRIVE steps in, bridging the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be.

Greater Clarity.

Amplified Worth.

Unmatched Freedom.

Through a carefully curated process, we bring together like-minded entrepreneurs to tackle these very issues. Our powerful and exclusive owner boards, unprecedented access to world-class experts, and data-driven strategy sessions offer a transformative journey for today’s leaders. We’re committed to breaking down barriers and providing the clarity, worth, and freedom you need to achieve true business success and personal fulfillment.


Peer Groups

You’ll experience exceptional clarity with curated and exclusive owner only peer groups. Our peer groups are designed to provide different perspectives and bring together owners with varying strengths to make the most of the time spent in the meetings.

Positive Accountability

Exceed your goals with the power of integrated accountability check-ins. Our accountability check-ins and board books create tremendous structure between meetings giving you the tools to accelerate the growth and value of your business.

Monthly Meetings

Absolute trust is built by limiting the size of our meetings to no more than 10 board members. Live monthly board meetings are held locally and everything discussed is confidential. Meetings are held in board rooms for half a day from 8-12 or 1-5 p.m.

Expert Support

Get solutions to your most pressing needs between meetings with access to 3 experienced and expert team members supporting your board. Expertise includes mindset and behavior, executive presence, public speaking, sales, strategy, operations, lifestyle planning and exit planning.

Support expertise

Josh Blum

Sales, Public Speaking, Lifestyle planning

Dr. Andre Caruso

Mindset, Performance Psychology, Stress Management

John Zentgraf

Strategy, Business Operations and Management, Exit Planning